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 Rui P. Alves

“If you are looking for great service from a professional and cost effective provider, look no further. When my company was in crisis due to a computer issue, they were able to identify and solve the issue in a quick manner. When it came to regular maintenance, they were great. Don’t risk your computers on anyone one else.”


Rui P. Alves · Attorney · Barton Gilman · Providence, RI









Rita Danielle Steele, Esq.“So my team and I are, to put it nicely, panicky, demanding, and irrational when it comes to anything IT related. Rick has talked us all, on more than one occasion, off the ledge when we’ve haphazardly left some piece of technology blue screened or worse.

We do not refer to RC Technology as our “IT” company. Rick is our go-to, our colleague, our friend. He is one of the most reliable, efficient, and patient people that I have ever met. If we were ever to lose him I am fairly confident that we would just shut the computers down and revert back to pencils and paper, because there is no IT at my company without him.”   


Rita Danielle Steele, Esq · Principal Broker/Owner · Steele Realty Consultants LLC




Shockroo ElectricThey got us up and running quickly, and we’ve been virtually problem free ever since. RC Technology are very knowledgeable, and always helpful with a positive attitude. I highly recommend them for anything IT related!”


Robert Shockroo · Owner · Shockroo Electric · Attleboro, MA

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